The Civil Society- Private  – Public Sector Forum  (CSPPSF) is a tri-sector  partnership forum of member Agencies from Civil Society, Private and Public Sectors including donor agencies working for inclusive development of Uganda in line with Uganda’s vision 2040, East African Community, African Union  2063 and United Nations’ aspirations.
The CSPPSF vision is “A smart Partnership of Civil Society, Private and Public Sector driving  the  economic  and  social  transformation  of  Uganda”;  and  the  Mission  is  “To champion innovative approaches appropriate for the full exploitation of the collective potential of Civil Society, Private, and Public Sector”. It is the first of its kind in Uganda and globally with a strong expression from members to work together, complementing each other’s’ efforts in order to propel a functioning state with sustainable social-cultural, economic and political development while observing good governance.

This forum was formed based on the notion that for the country to develop economically, it needs each of the three sectors as they all play distinct roles. For instance, the Private Sector is the engine of economic growth through job creation, innovations, manufacturing supplies and investors. It provides goods, services and works and is a major source of capital transfer to development realized from different income generating activities that insure the state against poverty. The major outcomes include infrastructure that foster development plus social policies which create safety nets for the poor and sometimes underpin the demands for democratic values, governance and transparency. On the other hand, the Civil Society’s contribution to national development cannot be underrated. CSOs are an integral part of policy making and service delivery in Uganda. Their role traverses the socio-economic-political spheres ranging from critiquing poorly conceived national policy initiatives, exposing ineptitude in the public service and providing better understanding of the governance challenges that face our democracy.
Likewise, the government’s critical role is to create and provide an enabling environment for the CSOs and Private sector to implement their mandates. The government initiates, modulates and regulates policies, systems and structures that are very much needed by the other two sectors.
In view of the above CSPPSF proposes an integrated approach that will adeptly bring together a range of interventions to help Uganda’s to reach their hopes and dreams and the country as a whole to more fully realize the potential inherent in its resources and its people.