Whereas Uganda is currently undergoing a serious political crisis triggered by the continued consternation of the February 18th 2016 presidential election results by a section of the political actors who participated in that election;

Noting that the results of the last presidential election as announced by the Electoral Commission and the decision of the Supreme Court have not brought an end to these contestations nor conferred legitimacy on the outcome of the election in the mind of a significant section of the Ugandan society;

Cognisant of the fact that historically, Ugandans have consistently faced the same political and electoral challenges after each election;

Regretting that over the years, similar political and electoral crisis has been glossed over only for the same crises to re-occur on higher scales;

Concerned that events taking place in the country in recent times including the reported arrest of key opposition figures, incidents of police brutality on ordinary citizens, the ban on the media live coverage of opposition activities and the restrictions imposed on social media, are a precursor to further deterioration of the political and security situation of the country;

Considering that the current crisis, though, electoral in nature, is deeply rooted in broader political and governance challenges;

Aware that this political and electoral crisis if not comprehensively addressed, could further lead to a severe fracture in the social fabric of the Ugandan state, and thus exacerbate the polarization and possible paralysis of the political and socio-economic system in Uganda;

Recognising that the current crisis presents Uganda with an opportunity not only to address the historical and political causes of this crisis, but also with a historical chance to discuss and; through a national dialogue and consensus pave a new political and electoral path for Uganda;

Acknowledging that a number of stakeholders have recognized the need for, and are calling for a people-to-people national conversation as a platform to tackle the escalating tension in the country;